Say YES To Your Perfect Homecoming Dress

Find the best Homecoming dress and accessories for you! Homecoming is the most exciting time of the year at Walker, with the climax being the dance. And for the ladies out there, a fabulous night of dinner and dancing with best friends requires a fabulous dress! Follow these tips in order to not make rookie mistakes when putting together your homecoming dance outfit.

   Attire for the dance is not about the dress itself; it is all about how you look in the dress! Be sure to choose a dress in a complimentary color to your skin tone, eyes, and hair color that accentuates your best qualities. It is not about the dress itself, but how you shine in the dress! Make sure to not to try too hard to be trendy or over-the-top. Just be yourself and let your personality be displayed through your dress choice. Junior Ali Manning said that she does not like “glitter and sparkles and sequins” so she  goes for a simple black dress with a “cute design.” On the contrary, sophomore Katie Brack said that her approach is “totally go big or go home!” Brack said that her ideal dress would be something extravagant with “a corset back.”

   Always remember that you will want to
look like yourself on homecoming because you will want to look back on those pictures years from now with fond memories. However, do not over spend on the dress itself; remember you still have to pay for your dinner if your date does not. It is easy to spice up a simple dress with fun accessories: sparkly, metallic, or printed shoes, purses, and jewelry. In addition, don’t stress about having the perfect pair of shoes because you will most likely just kick them off when you get to the dance.

   Be comfortable in your dress. The dress you choose should be one that makes you look and feel your best, but remember that you have to spend all night eating and dancing in it. Be careful about the style you pick; strapless can be tricky and you definitely DO NOT want to have to worry about flashing someone all all night! Elisa Farrell suggested to not wear a strapless dress because “if it’s strapless, then it just falls down.” The Homecoming dance is a night to remember. Make it memorable in a dress that you love!danceXL

Pictured are current juniors at the Homecoming dance last year (photo credits to Mr. Mackey).