Homecoming Tips

As Homecoming quickly approaches, The Wolverine staff is here to give advice and tips to ensure that you have an enjoyable night! Homecoming is considered a major event in high school, but it is just a high school dance. That being said, do not stress over this one night and instead, focus on having fun!

    On the day of Homecoming, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get ready – especially if you’re getting ready with your friends. For the girls planning on having their hair and makeup done professionally, remember to set appointments ahead of time and bring a picture of your desired look to avoid disaster. While many girls go to salons, do not feel the need to go all out for Homecoming. Save that stress and money for prom and just focus on having fun!

    A crucial part of Homecoming is pictures. Because if you don’t take a photo and post it all over social media, did you even go to Homecoming? Girls do not spend hours getting ready just for it to go undocumented, so pictures are a must. The two most popular venues for taking photos are The Marietta Square and Marietta Country Club. While these are both great locations, they will most likely be extremely crowded. If you are not inclined to deal with finding a venue to take photos, your backyard could easily suffice! Any location with a nice landscape will make great photos.

    As October 17 is just around the corner, get pumped for an exciting night and do not stress when it comes to finding the perfect dress or getting a date to the dance. Focus on enjoying the night with your friends and letting go of all that school stress!

View from the Marietta Country Club

View from the Marietta Country Club