You’ll Fall in Love with these Fall Activities

Are you struggling with deciding what fall activities you want to do this year? If so, read this list of ten fun general and Atlanta-specific fall-themed activities to do with your friends and family!

  1. Haunted House: Netherworld is the most popular haunted house in Norcross. If you want to go to a smaller haunted house that is closer to the Walker School, Six Flags offers a haunted house during the fall season. However, it is smaller than Netherworld.evander-holyfield-netherworld-web
  2. Pumpkin Patch: You and your friends can get dressed up and head to the pumpkin patch to take pictures and find the perfect pumpkin.pumpkin-patch-1476723327
  3. Carve a Pumpkin: Now, once you have picked out the perfect pumpkin you should carve it. If you want your pumpkin to look extra good this year you can paint it and print carvings from online to trace.
  4. Scary Movie Marathon: Grab your friends and have a cozy night in. You can make fall themed treats, buy lots of Halloween themed candy, and watch horror movies all night long. For an increased amount of thrill have this marathon at night time.
  5. Hiking: Now that it’s fall, leaves are turning into a range of vibrant warm colors and the air is getting chilly. Arguably, nature looks the most beautiful during the fall season. Hiking 15 minutes away from school at Kennesaw Mountain is a great idea because of its location and beauty. If you have an eno, you should bring it to add to your peaceful afternoon.93736a91b729886e53fc4ae353679506
  6. Picnic: Other great items to take with you on your hike are picnic supplies. Buy or make some easy to pack food and drinks, a bag to carry them in, and a blanket to sit on.
  7. Bonfire: If you or your friends have a fire pit in your backyard, you should build a bonfire and roast s’mores. Tip: exchange your classic milk or dark chocolate for a Reese’s or Nestlé Crunch and your classic graham cracker with a cinnamon flavored one.
  8. Football: For a lot of people fall season means football season. It is easy to find college and pro football games on TV or to go to one of the Walker School’s football games. To have more fun, throw a football watching party or bring your friends with you to the game.
  9. Make a fall playlist: Pick out some of your favorite Halloween/fall themed songs and add them to a playlist. You can listen to this music while you’re carving your pumpkin, enoing, picnicking, and do other fall activities.
  10. Costume Party: Host a costume party or go to one. Hosting one obviously takes more work, but the only requirement for going to one is to wear a costume.