Top 5 shoes under $100

Shoes and fashion are something that will never get old and will continue to progress as time passes. While fashion has improved, there are always iconic shoes that will never go out of style no matter how old they are. Shoes can complete any outfit and add style to it. Here is a list for the top five shoes that won’t cost you much.

5. New Balance 574

“Grey” New Balance 574
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The New Balance 574 has made a huge return in the fashion culture. What was once seen as shoes for the elderly, New Balances are now popular among the youth again. Coming in at $80, these shoes are very versatile. The 574s can serve as a running and athletic shoe or a lifestyle shoe.

4. Adidas Stan Smith

“Cloud White/Green” Adidas Stan Smith

First introduced in 1965, the Stan Smiths have never gone out of style. At $80, these shoes are a great everyday shoe. These shoes are so popular, Stan Smith once said “some people think I am a shoe.” With the nice leather finish and several color ways to choose between, these are a classic and a great purchase.

3. Vans

Vans “Old Skool Pro”
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Vans are classic and inexpensive shoes. While predominantly used for skateboarding, Vans have found themselves to appeal to a larger audience. Vans typically cost $60, but, depending on the style, it could even be cheaper. Vans come in high tops, low tops, and even slip-ons. These shoes are creative and unique due to the endless styles.

2. Zoom Freak One

Zoom Freak One “Black”
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The Zoom Freak Ones are a pair of basketball shoes that are good for athletic activities. Created from the 2019 NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Zoom Freak Ones are great on-court shoes and come in many nice colorways. These shoes cost about $90, which is one of the cheapest models for signature NBA shoes.

1. Air Force One

White Air Force Ones
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Air Force Ones are a pair of shoes that have not gone out of style since 1986. They have a classic look to them but still look clean and fresh. These Air Forces are available in different colors as well, but nothing is better than the white look on these shoes. Air Force Ones in the simple colorways will cost you up to $90, making them a must have for anyone into shoes.