The following staff members are responsible for the creation of all the content that goes into The Wolverine. Publication of The Wolverine would not be possible without their dedication and excellent work. Feel free to reach out to a staff member through their school email address for any comments or to inquire about news related content.


  • Noor Anshasi ’21
  • Maggie Gilbert ’22
  • Raphael Grand’Pierre ‘23
  • Gabe Higbee ’22
  • Jackson Kraal ‘22
  • Zack Herbst ’22
  • Gloria Lin ’21
Noor Anshasi ’21

Noor Anshasi is a senior at The Walker School. Outside of school, she enjoys going to the gym, working out, and spending time with friends. She has a huge passion for kids and enjoys babysitting in her free time as well. This is only her first year in Journalism and has enjoyed it even when completely remote. 

Maggie Gilbert ’22

Maggie is a junior and this is her first year on the journalism staff. She has played lacrosse for all three years of high school. She also enjoys being involved backstage in the shows and musicals for the drama department.

Raphael Grand’Pierre 22

Raphael Grand’Pierre is a sophomore at Walker this year. This is his first year on the Journalism staff, and he really enjoys the class and journaling. At the Walker school his a member of the Varsity Swim team and outside of school he is involved in year-round swimming. Ralph likes to play video games and play video games. He plans to finish his high school at the Walker school and maybe even take journalism again.

Gabe Higbee ’22

Gabe Higbee is a junior who reports on the Walker News Network. He enjoys politics, economics, and history. Gabe joined Walker in the fall of 2020.

Jackson Kraal ’22

Jackson Kraal is a junior at the Walker School and has been going here since Pre-K. He participates on the wrestling and football teams. He enjoys hanging out with friends and family.

Zack Herbst ’22

Zack Herbst is a junior and has attended Walker since 8th grade when he moved from Kansas. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, spending time outdoors, and playing sports. You may know Zack from his groundbreaking TikTok, @grassiestknoll, or as a world-famous model. You can find him at school every weekday, and occasionally on weekends.

Gloria Lin ’21

Gloria Lin is a senior at Walker. In her spare time, she likes to play video games, especially those on Playstation and Nintendo Switch. She also enjoys watching movies and listening to rock bands. She wants to study computer science in college and now plans to go to UW-Madison.


  • Mr. Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson serves as Upper School Film and Video Class Teacher, Multimedia-Journalism class co-advisor and audio visual and technology support for The Walker School in Marietta, GA. Mr. Gibson earned a B.A. in Mass Communications from Middle Tennessee State University. He has played guitar with The Walker School’s award winning musical bands. He is a music fanatic, playing and listening, and enjoys learning and teaching about all things technology related. Mr. Gibson lives in Marietta with his wife and young son.