Community Submissions

The Wolverine welcomes community submissions, including editorials and guest articles:


  • May be on any topic and may be anonymous

Guest Articles

Both editorials (if applicable) and guest articles should follow the following guidelines:

    1. Interviews must be recorded to ensure facts are correct.
    2. Interviews should be scheduled in advance.
    3. The interviewee or subject of a photograph has been well-informed of the purpose of the interview/photograph and is aware that their interview/photograph will be published in The Wolverine.
    4. Sources should be made anonymous only if the interview reflects negatively on the subject/source.
    5. Refrain from publishing anything that does not meet the standards of quality and integrity of the paper, which we seek to uphold.
    6. If you feel strongly about a topic, do not write about it.
    7. Do not report drama!
    8. Please proofread your submission for spelling and grammatical errors.

Please Note: Submission of an article or editorial to The Wolverine gives the staff full right to modify, delete, or add content where appropriate. All submissions will go through a full round of edits before being placed in the paper or on the website.

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