Office365 and Outlook Web Access

Office365 Transition

Since Walker no longer uses FirstClass, The Wolverine has began transitioning to Office365. Thus, there are some changes that are going to take effect beginning next school year. For a full list of new features, click here. It’s important to note that the majority of changes involve email (the transition from Google Apps to Outlook).


The email system is being moved from Google Apps to Outlook. To access Outlook, please visit the following link:

Using Outlook, you’re able to send/receive emails at Much like FirstClass, there’s a directory listing all of the Staff members. Additionally, you’re able to email groups (much like Conferences on FirstClass), which are also listed in the directory (ie. all editors can be emailed at – the email you send to that address will go to all of them).

Should you need to access files from the old system (Google Apps), please email with your username, file requested, and any other pertinent information.

For more information on Outlook, click here (guide provided by Emory University).
To add Outlook to your desktop client, click here. 


At this time, Office Online is not going to be used. To edit online, please continue to use Google Docs, accessible at:

To log in, continue to use your Google Apps username and password.


A list of contacts can be found in Outlook. Log in (via, click the light-blue book in the top-right corner of the screen:


Click the book to view the directory.

All Advertising contacts are located on the TeamLab Advertising Portal, which is located at the following link:

To register for the portal, email with the subject “Ad Portal Registration”.