Recap of Music Midtown 2015

   With Atlanta’s midtown skyline as the festival’s backdrop, Piedmont Park’s green environment, the annual Music Midtown Festival provided one of the best atmospheres for summertime festivals across the nation. Along with the beautiful weather and diverse lineup, chill and blissful vibes were present all weekend long at Music Midtown 2015.

   Music Midtown 2015 kicked off with a performance by the Irish singer and songwriter, Hozier. The “Take Me To Church” singer gathered a large crowd as he sang his melodic tunes full of blues, gospel, folk, and soul as the sun set over Piedmont Park. Hozier played eleven songs off his debut album, as well as two covers, one masterfully done of “Blackbird” by the Beatles. Hozier’s cover of “Problem” by Ariana Grande had fans dancing in place to the acoustic version of the pop hit. The serene atmosphere was quickly transformed as Canadian rapper, Drake, took the Electric Ballroom Stage.  

   There is no question that Drake was one of the biggest attractions of Music Midtown. Drake electrifying performance included a large range of his most popular hits, old and new ones. The energy in the crowd was unlike any other as devoted Drake fans sang back lyrics. Drake’s performance was full of crowd-pleasing moments which included the use of fireworks as he departed the stage ending the first day of Music Midtown with a bang.

    X Ambassadors kicked off day two of Music Midtown with a zealous performance of melodic indie rock that entertained fans under the brutal midday sun. Most popular for their song “Renegades,” the mix of the acoustic and electronic sounds jazzed fans up for a long day full of amazing acts. After, The Airborne Toxic Event took the stage as they sang songs filled with genius lyrics about failed romances and self-doubt, however the upbeat songs had the crowd dancing. To help the fans endure the hot, summer sun, the band sprayed fans with water during their performance, which only added more energy within the crowd. A highlighting moment in their performance was Anna Bulbrook’s, the violinist, crowd surfing, sending fans wild. Another highlight from Music Midtown 2015 was a performance by the electro – pop punk band, Panic! at the Disco. The Las Vegas band sang their most popular hits, new and old, from “Ballad of Mona Lisa” to “Hallelujah” with a crowd-pleaser cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

   Vance Joy offered an intimate and relaxing setting to the hyped up crowds. With the sun setting along the skyline, some fans gathered front row to see Joy’s Australian beauty up close while others admired his angelic voice from afar on top of the hill. The singer finished his performance with his catchy indie folk hit “Riptide” that left Joy in awe as the crowd sang back his own lyrics. Vance Joy offered a brief period of serenity before Van Halen brought back the energy as one of the headliners to close out the festival. Fans young and old gathered to witness Van Halen’s greatness at the AT&T Live Stage. Alex Van Halen’s drum solo proved that the 62-year-old is still one of the best rock drummers of all time. Sam Smith, the other headliner, offered his fans a more romantic and gospel performance to close out Music Midtown. Sam Smith’s mournful songs about unrequited loved captured the hearts of fans as Atlanta said goodbye to Music Midtown 2015 and summer.

   Students of the Walker School who attended shared their love for the renowned music festival. Abhi Muthiah, a junior, has attended Music Midtown for the past three years. Muthiah said, “The lineup this year was good, but not great. The best year I think was two years ago…that was live. Drake was the best by far, but X Ambassadors and Hozier were amazing as well! I love music a ton and Music Midtown is a great way to listen to new music while hanging out with some of my close friends. Plus concerts are amazing and having like eight mini concerts a day is just heaven.”

   Savannah Ware, also a junior, has attended Music Midtown for the past two years. Ware said, “My favorite part about Music Midtown is being able to hear some incredible performances live at Piedmont park of all places, and getting to do that with my best friends. The group of people you attend Music Midtown with is more important than the lineup. Even though last year had a better lineup I enjoyed this time more because I went with a ton of people I’m super close with. I love Music Midtown because I get to listen to the music I love live and outside. Everyone there appreciates music and is there to have a good time.”

   Music Midtown, one of the most loved events in Atlanta keeps bringing back music lovers year after year.  Make sure to mark your calendars for Music Midtown 2016!