Valentines Around the World

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While many of us are familiar with the Valentines celebration of exchanging flowers, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and small gifts, February 14th is celebrated differently all around the world.

In Asian countries such as Japan, it is customary for the women to shower men with acts of love or friendship. A huge tradition is for women to get men one of two chocolates: “Giri-Choco” which is for friends or colleagues,  or “Honmei-Choco”, which is for a boyfriend or husband. The Honmei-Choco is often prepared by the woman because it is considered an act of true love as opposed to a store bought heart-shaped box.

In Italy, the holiday is celebrated exclusively between lovers. It is popular to get one another “Baci Perugina”(Perugina chocolate kisses), which are chocolate covered hazelnuts that each contain a small love poem written in four different languages.

The Spanish devote the entire day to spending quality time with their significant other. They are notorious for their reputation of being very sensitive when it comes to love, and shower their partners with gifts of flowers, chocolates, and other gifts, much like Americans.

People in Denmark celebrate by exchanging “snowdrops”, which are pressed white flowers, rather than the traditional roses and chocolates.

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