The Upper School drama cast presents Rumors by Neil Simon. Rumors takes place in New York, current day. Guests arrive to a dinner party for a wedding anniversary to find that the husband has shot himself in the head and the wife has gone missing. This hilarious comedy centers around the lies, secrets, and rumors of the guests as they try to unravel the mystery.

The play is full of jokes and the cast of students at Walker all do an excellent job of diving deep into their roles. All the jokes were well placed and perfectly delivered in order to get maximum laughs from the audience. I was laughing the entire show. The jokes were clever and the cast was able to recognize that and make the show have good flow.

Greg Lloyd (12), Harrison Pritchett (12), Briana Keegan, Ellen Roberts (12), Oksana Carlson (12), Debbie Kemp (12), Stockton Jewkes (11), Zoey Brown (12), Nathan West (10), and Carter Ezell (10) created a great cast that had a lot of chemistry on stage. Nothing was forced and the group acted as a team to draw out the laughs.

Mr. Schreiner and the stagecraft class did it again; the set was wonderfully crafted and fit the play exactly. This recreation of a house in a wealthy, upper class neighborhood is very accurate.