Exams Cancelled!

Although it may seem our “normal” idea of exams are cancelled, the semester is not quite over yet. Just as Covid-19 has altered how we go to school, the way of exams have been changed as well. While their is no accumulative test worth 20 percent of that each class’s grade, it is up to each teacher individually to decide to give a project, test, or whatever they see fit.

While speaking with Mr. Stadler, an upper school Spanish teacher, he tells us that in his classes “Instead of exams, class just sort of went on as normal, we just didn’t have an accumulative assessment. Essentially I’m pretending like this is not a finite ending to what we’re working on in class. There was no real full cumulative, summative assessment for my students”

“I had no idea what to think this semester was going to be like. There was a while I didn’t think their was any way we were going back to school” “My perception was far from what happened in reality. I’m thrilled with what happened in reality because we got majority of students in class at the same time” “I’m very pleased with how we were able to do it safely.”