Moon Knight: The Next Character(s) on the MCU Roster

Non-spoiler review:

Moon Kight is about a man who realizes that his alternate personality that he has had for most of his life is a Superhero by the name of MOON KNIGHT, that is given his powers by the Egyptian god of the moon Khonshu. The show is very violent and dark for a Marvel show and may have some of the most violent action Marvel has shown. The show indicates that marvel would be able to probably even give an R-rated superhero film a try in the future, and that may very well be what Marvel is going to do in the coming years. A new BLADE movie, a superhero with an older R-rated movie from 1998, was announced on July 20, 2019.

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As the story goes for MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe: Marvel Studios) shows, Moon Knight has one of the better ones. Some of the other shows Felt like they didn’t have the same quality as the marvel movies, but Moon Knight feels like one long Marvel movie. The CGI is excellent and looks almost if not photoreal, and the acting is something you would see in the film with the fantastic performance of Oscar Isaac.

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Spoiler review:

Moon Knight released its last episode on May 4th, and It had many twists and turns at the last minute. We saw Steven miraculously come back after seeming to be dead and the reveal of Mark’s 3rd personality. Some prominent highlights of this season were when it showed Mark’s backstory with how he became Moon Knight. It was great to see the cinematic universe’s adaptation of the Scarlet Scarab with Layla getting to be an avatar not for Khonshu but for a more agreeable god. Many times near the end of the show, some parts left the audience somewhat confused as to if Moon Knight, and everything else in the story, were all in Mark’s head. This was proven to be false by the end of the show, but it was still a cool concept that was done exceptionally well. The choreography of the last fight between Moon Knight and Arthur Harrow was also well done and satisfying, with the final payoff of Mark and Steven working together to make the battle have a variety of different styles.
By far, the biggest reveal of the series was that Steven, who was introduced as the main character in the first episode, is Mark’s alternate personality and not the other way around. The reveal of Mark’s tragic childhood and the death of his brother gives a valid reason why a disorder like he has would develop. When Mark dies and wakes up in an asylum, it is interesting to see that his soul is separate from Stevens. It means that his disorder is more than it seems to be, and he fabricated a real soul inside his body. Whether or not this is the same for other people with this disorder in the MCU is unknown. The very end of the show leaves us wondering if Mark is really free from Khonshu or if he is still his avatar. My guess is that if he isn’t now, he will be again the next time we see Moon Knight.