Athlete(s) of the Month

The September pick for ‘Athlete of the Month’ resulted in the joint decision to designate senior volleyball captains Holland Martin and Jordan Tasman as Walker’s Athletes of the Month. TWNN interviewed these athletes about their teams’ current successes, their hope for the rest of their season, and personal treasured memories from their Walker volleyball careers.

How has this season been different than your past volleyball seasons at Walker?

H: The last time we qualified for state was my freshmen year where Jordan and I were the only underclassmen and the team consisted of predominantly senior girls. This year our team consists of a lot of underclassmen, so it’s a huge change in maturity playing with girls in a state tournament who are younger than you vs. older than you.

Who are the toughest teams in the region, and how do you guys plan on beating them?

H: Fellowship and Mount Pisgah are our toughest competitors in our region, but we beat Fellowship and should have beaten Mount Pisgah, so I’m confident if we face either team again we’ll get the ‘dub.’

J: I agree, plus we are definitely in the toughest 1A bracket, so if everyone preforms as well as they did in the Fellowship game for the rest of the season I’m confident we can make it, and win, state.

How is being a captain different than being a regular team member? 

J: Being a captain adds a whole new element of responsibility to my volleyball experience. Holland and I were also captains last year, and this year especially I’ve noticed how much the girls look up to us and rely on us to know how to do everything.

H: Along with the newfound responsibility, we also have to set a good example for the rest of the girls and make sure not to lose our temper too easily.

Why did you start playing volleyball?

J: In sixth grade my mom told me I needed to attempt a sport, so I took a chance at volleyball and it stuck. Throughout high school I’ve had the best memories and made the best friends playing beach and indoor volleyball, so I’m thankful that I decided to try it out in middle school.

Is there a particular game or tournament that stands out or was special to you?

H: Coming in third for the Cobb Country Classic this year was so awesome because we ended up beating a bunch of 5A and 6A schools, and I think that tournament really made the Walker volleyball name recognized as a threat.

J: One that stands out the most is beating Mount Paran  in the area championship sophomore year because I have never been in such a stressful, intense game like that with such a huge amount of fans.

What advice do you have for aspiring volleyball players?

H: Work hard. Don’t complain. Give it everything with no excuses.

J: Retweet.