2nd Presidential debate summary


Here are some of the important questions and answers from the second 2016 presidential debate:

“The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, is not affordable…what will you do to bring the cost down and make the coverage better?”

Donald Trump- Trump said that, “Obamacare is a disaster”. He said that when he was sworn in he would repeal it and replace it with something more affordable. He said that allowing insurance companies to compete would improve the quality of the care and cause premiums to go down.

Hillary Clinton- Hillary defended Obamacare but admitted that aspects of Obamacare were not working. She admitted that premiums were out of control and that coverage has decreased. In defense of Obamacare she said that 20 million previously uninsured Americans were now covered and companies can no longer deny someone coverage due to a pre-existing condition.

“How will you help [Muslims] deal with the consequences of being labeled a threat to the country after the election is over?”

Donald Trump: Trump responded to this question by saying leaders needed to use the phrase “radical Islamic terror” and that the U.S. Government and the muslim community will have to cooperate.

Hillary Clinton: Hillary answered by saying she envisioned an America where everybody who works hard and contributes has a place. She then attacked Trump for having a “shortsighted and even dangerous” rhetoric about Muslims. Clinton continued to say that the U.S is not at war with Islam and should not act like we are.

“What would candidates do to make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share of taxes?”

Donald Trump: Donald trump said that he would get rid of carried interest, and then accused Clinton of not changing the tax code when she was a senator.

Hillary Clinton: Clinton reminded the audience that Trump had not paid federal income tax in 20 years.

“If you were president, what would you do about Syria and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo?”


Hillary Clinton: Clinton said that the United States will have to stand up to Russia. She said that we should cooperate with Russia whenever possible but take a firm stance against their actions in Aleppo. She also said that the Russians involved in the bombing should be investigated for war crimes.


Donald Trump: Trump attacked Clinton’s foreign policy saying, “Everything she’s done in foreign policy has been a mistake—it’s been a disaster.”. He also said that although he did not like Assad, but they are effectively killing ISIS. When reminded that his running mate, Mike Pence, said that he would be willing to conduct airstrikes on the Assad Regime, Trump responded by saying that he disagreed and he and Mike Pence had not yet discussed the matter.


“Regardless of the current rhetoric, would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?”

Hillary Clinton: Clinton responded by saying that while she did not respect his opinions and views, she did respect his children. She said his children where, “incredibly able and devoted” and said that said a lot about Donald Trump’s character.  

Donald Trump: Trump responded to Clinton’s comment by saying it was a very nice compliment and he was very proud of children. He than said that he respected Clinton’s refusal to give up. He said that she is a fighter and although he does not support what she is fighting for, he is impressed by her refusal to give up.

“What would you prioritize as the most important aspect of selecting a Supreme Court justice?”

Donald Trump:  Trump said he wants to appoint a judge similar to Scalia who has recently passed. He wants someone who respect the constitution, especially the second amendment. He than said that he had spent more than $100 million  on his own campaign while Clinton, who he said made $250 million being in office, had not used any of it.

Hillary Clinton: Clinton said that this is one of the most important issues of the election. She said she wanted a judge who had real life experience, realized that voting rights where still an issue, support a woman’s right to choose, marriage equality, and stick with Roe v. Wade. She than said that one of Donald Trump’s choice for judge would revers marriage equality and Roe v. Wade. She also said she wanted a Judge who didn’t always support corporate interests and didn’t favor the wealthy. Clinton also responded to Trump saying she did respect the second amendment but wanted more background checks.