Send in the Clowns!

 clown    Do you like circuses? Do you enjoy all the fun acrobats and the impressive elephants, and how about the silly clowns? However, would you feel this same way if you happened to run into a clown carrying a weapon in the middle of the woods? Or if a clown started chasing you down Cobb Parkway?  If you asked most people this question a few weeks ago, they would laugh at such a weird idea. However, recently there have been actual clown sightings all over the U.S! What started in the southeast has spread all the way to places like Arizona and Idaho. There have been many recordings of creepy clowns trying to lure children into the woods, or people being chased by clowns carrying weapons. This “trend” started in early September and is still continuing. Police have been trying to put an end to these clown sightings, but it is difficult when young teenagers turn this whole situation into a joke. From clown sighting Twitter accounts, to people going “clown hunting,” it is turning into a sensational activity. However, hopefully these clown sightings are put to an end quickly before they turn into the next Pokemon Go!