The World Cup is kicking off

This year’s World Cup, hosted by Qatar, has had many surprises, such as score lines that go against everyone’s predictions, Qatar’s strict limitations on alcohol and homosexuality, and the winners of the eight groups.

Countries will have to make it into the group stage by winning enough games before the World Cup even starts, the teams with a secured spot in the group have enough points to be the first or second in the group, and the third and fourth are knocked out. A win is 3 points, a tie is 1 point, and a loss is 0 points. After the group stage, the round of 16 begins. From here, it is a tournament-style bracket that starts on December 3rd of this year.

If a game ends in a tie, the match extends into two 15-minute halves—the first to score wins. If there is no winner, it goes to penalty kicks. Whoever scores more wins. 

The World Cup is a prestigious event for many reasons. The games are diverse, and anything can happen, such as the “greatest player of all time” and his team losing to Saudi Arabia. Argentina, one of the favorites in the entire tournament, lost to one of the least favored teams. Many scorelines like this occur daily, making the sport more fun to watch. 

Occurring every four years, the World Cup is highly anticipated, and winning it is every soccer player’s dream. The World Cup only lasts about a month. This year’s World Cup began on November 20 and will run through to December 18.