Walker Explores TV and Radio

The First Friday multimedia tour offers an inside look at the world of TV and radio journalism, starting with a tour of WSB-TV, featuring a tour of the studios where students met directors, anchors, and radio personalities. The tour then moved on to CNN headquarters, featuring the longest unsupported elevator in the world, a sneak peek behind the scenes of live news, and a view of the newsroom and studios of CNN.

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   So why do the juniors get this first Friday opportunity? Music teacher Samantha Walker said, “We are offering tours in different fields so that students […] can explore that option and see if that is something they are interested in pursuing.”

   What about the students? What did they think of the tour? Andrew Dubois (11) said, “My favorite part of the tour was probably the radio side of the WSB-TV tour because it appealed to me as something I would like to in the future.” Dubois said he “would recommend this tour to a rising junior because for me this tour was a ‘first step’ for what it would be like to work for a TV/ radio station.”

    And what about the rising juniors? Will they have an opportunity to go on this tour, and if so, which students would benefit from going? Upper school Fine Arts Chair Todd Motter said, “The tour really could be for any student in general, and particularly kids who are interested in broadcasting, recording, anything technology based like that, or even journalism.”

   As it turns out, some of the students who are interested will probably get a chance to go on the tour next year. Walker said, “I would say that even I, who has been a part of the WSB tour before, was very surprised by how informative the tour was. I would like to offer it again.”