The Club Fair: Online

For those of you who missed the real club fair, or who just want a recap, here is a list of all the great clubs the Walker high school has to offer, what activities each club  participates in, and important information about recruitment.

Mock Trial

According to head captain Harrison Pritchett, the purpose of mock trial is to “Practice the American judicial system at high school, to prepare for possible future jobs and college.” Students are given a case and prepare for a trial in which they face off against other schools in January. Mock Trial meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights in Mr. Kilian’s room. Contact Harrison Pritchett, Riley Cohen, or Sean Nesmith to join or with questions.

The Student Service Organization

According to Senior and officer at large Wenbo Zhang, “SSO is responsible for any kinds of potential or existing community service opportunities around campus or outside of campus. Our mission is to get students within the Walker school to serve the community as much as possible.” SSO meets Wednesday mornings from 7:20-7:50 in Mrs. Murchison’s room. Students can join through elections that are held at the end of the year, but non-SSO members are welcome and encouraged to get involved in community service projects. Contact Alice Jiang, Ally Chebuhar, or Mrs. Murchison with questions.

Girls Learn International

According to Freshman Shanzeh Sheikh, “Our club’s focus is on women’s education and encouraging an equal education for every child.” The meeting times and location of GLI are undecided at this point. Contact Alizeh Sheikh to join or with any questions.

Latin club

Latin Club’s mission is to promote Latin and to bring attention to Latin classes and culture. Latin Club meets on the third Thursday of every month after school and Fridays during break on the first week of the month. To join, sign up on the signup sheet on the language bulletin board in the 2nd hallway. For more information, contact Winnie Litchfield.

German club

German club’s mission is to promote German and organize fundraisers. German club meets Fridays at break once or twice a month. There is a 15 dollar sign up fee. To sign up or for more information, contact Will Morris, or Isabel Schmieta.

Strategy Gaming club

The Strategy Gaming club’s mission is to “Bring strategy games to the masses and promote underrated games” according to Sophomore Duncan Noel. Strategy Gaming Club meets every Friday during break, and sometimes after school. There is a sign up fee of 10 dollars. To sign up or with questions, contact Duncan Noel or Hayes Zierden.

LGBT + Allies

According to Senior Arlis West, “The mission of LGBT + Allies club is to meet and discuss LGBT issues, awareness, and education.” LGBT + Allies meet on Fridays during break. To join, just show up to a meeting, or contact Arlis West or Dr. Schafer with any questions you may have.

Adventure club

Adventure club’s mission is to get people active and promote bonding across grades, and to have tons of fun doing stuff people normally don’t do. Adventure club meets Thursdays  twice a month during break, and the club hosts one adventure per month on Saturday. To sign up or to get more information, contact Chloe Champagne or Riley Cohen.

Fellowship of Christian Students

FCS’s mission is to foster an open and accepting environment for Christians to come together and celebrate what connects them through their faith. FCS meets on Friday mornings, and it has a larger meeting once a month. To join or for more information, email Kacie Goeppner or Ansley Carr.

Animal Rights Club

The Animal Rights club meets Tuesdays during break twice a month, with a different focus each month. The club’s mission is to promote the welfare of animals, to strengthen the human-animal bond as a whole, and to secure the rights of animals by promoting public information and sound public policy. For more information or to sign up, contact Isabel Schmieta or Claire Brandes.

Photography club

Photography club’s mission is to come together to appreciate photography and to cultivate a passion for photography. Photography club meets on Tuesday’s after school. To sign up or to get more information, contact Aubrey Izurieta or Daryl Hutchins.

Fashion club

Fashion club’s mission is the recycling and re-using of donated dresses and clothes to provide clothes to the less fortunate. Fashion Club meets twice a month and has one do-it-yourself charity event per month. For more information or to sign up, contact Clarisa Franceschi or Jarah Cornick-Turpin via email or on Instagram.

Spanish Club

According to members Karl Lee and Matt Condon, Spanish club organizes “Spanish related games, bake sales, restaurant visits, study groups, pen pals, and monthly meetings.” Meeting times are undecided at this point. To join or with questions, contact Mrs. Carlson, Isabel Schmieta, Peyton Duncan, Colby Turner, or Abhi Muthiah.

Robotics Club/Team 4495 A

According to Sponsor Mr. Kennerson, the club’s mission is to “Get to the world’s Vex robotics competition.” The team meets after school every day except Wednesday in room M210. To join or get more information, contact Mr. Kennerson or Matt Johnson, or show up to room M210 after school.

Model United Nations

The mission of MUN is to train critical thinking skills, learn about the United Nations and broaden students’ point of view. Model United Nations meets Fridays during break, although this meeting time is subject to change. Interested students should sign up in Dr. Schafer’s room or contact Mrs. Martello, Dr. Schafer, Anna Sun, or Mrs. Brimer with questions.

Chess Club

According to Chess Club Co-President and Co-founder Wesley Allen, the goal of chess club is to “play chess.” When asked for more detail, Allen said that he “stands by his previous answer.” Chess club meets every Friday during break in Dr. Hite’s room. To sign up or for more information, contact Wesley Allen or Brett Morrison.

Art Club

The art club makes different art projects throughout the year, with upcoming projects including “decorating ceiling tiles in the art room, making a painting for Mrs. Rogers, making a mural and usually help with painting props for the play. The art club does many collaborative projects about art,” according to Senior Autumn DeOliveira. According to Autumn, “You don’t necessarily have to be good at art to join.” The art club meets on Thursdays after school. To join art club or with questions, contact Autumn DeOliveira, Ellen Roberts, Karen Lee, or Mr. Peterson.

Walker Drama/ Thespian Society

The mission of Walker Drama and the Thespian society is to “Put on plays and productions” according to Senior Megan Dresdner. There is no designated time for meetings. To join, you must audition for a role in the play or attend an interest meeting for crew. Contact Meghan Dresdner, Sean Nesmith, or Mrs. Arjona for more information.