On November 14-15th, Walker’s Model UN took a trip to Georgia State College in Atlanta where they participated in a large conference with around 300 other high school students. This was Walker’s second year participating, with many more students than last year. Model United Nations is a club where high schoolers from all over gather together to attend a simulated UN General Assembly, and try to come up with resolutions to current international problems. Walker students represented the countries of Burkina Faso, Finland, and Serbia.

Walker’s Model UN is led by Mrs. Brimer, the Upper School learning specialist, along with history teachers Dr. Schafer and Mrs. Martello.

When asked to describe his experience over the two days, junior Andrew Dubois said, “I had a fun time working with people I don’t know on ways we can help fix problems in the world.”

When sophomore Mackenzie Gignilliat was asked why she joined Model UN she said, “I like to debate and I’m interested in international relations.” Junior Peggy Zhao also spoke on the same topic saying she joined because she “wants to try and experience different things in life.”

The club ended the conference with juniors Sean Nesmith and Grace Campbell taking home the awards for both Outstanding Position Paper and Outstanding Delegation for their small West African country, Burkina Faso. Juniors Susan Su and Anna Sun took home awards as well.