Don’t Cram: How to Study for Your Exam!

Everyone’s favorite holiday season is detoured by a students’ biggest fear: exams. Scrambling to finish projects, learn last minute material, fix zero’s in the grade book, and stay sane throughout this time of year are tough tasks to juggle. Luckily, some of Walker’s experienced seniors have offered helpful tips on how to tackle exams without losing your holiday cheer.

  1. Organize your materials. Alec Yeaney says he always utilizes the weekend two weeks before exams to “make a calendar for when [he’s] going to study, and to convince [himself] that [he has] to strictly follow his schedule.”
  2. Use teacher review guides/ sessions. Mr. John Richardson, chemistry teacher explained that teachers are not going to use new information on the final, so “its important to make sure you understand all the concepts on the review guide and especially review the concepts you don’t know very well.”
  3. Find a study method that works for you. Daryl Hutchins says “One of my biggest mistakes was studying with a group, because I realized I need to study independently or else I can’t focus. However, some people have different methods, and group settings help them tremendously.”
  4. Get lots of sleep! Counselor Gina Valenza says, “cramming in information late at night and giving yourself no sleep will not help you at all. Getting sleep is vital for recalling information.”
  5. Trust that the work you have been doing will help. There’s no way to cram an entire units work into an afternoon, so by studying in advance you should feel prepared for your exam.