The Layers of Theatre Kids

    This year’s production of Bells Are Ringing not only included ‘seasoned professionals’, but also new comers to the theatre life. Walker’s drama department accepts kids of all different grade levels and experience levels. However, Walker’s theatre kids are not just good at singing and dancing, but have many other talents. For example, senior Abhi Muthiah is a Varsity soccer player, and Junior Randi Epstein is a Varsity Softball and Soccer athlete. When asked how drama has impacted senior Jesse Baynes, she said, “I used to label myself as the ‘sports girl’, but being in the drama department has helped me gain a new confidence from stepping outside my comfort zone”. Senior Greg Lloyd also adds “being in the Theatre department here at Walker has allowed me to grow as a person and make many new lifelong friends”. If you have any interest in becoming a part Walker’s drama department, contact Mrs. Arjona to get more information on the next drama production!