2016 Presidential Election Results

kdk2015050701-map7   The votes are in! Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of The United States of America. Clinton received 228 electoral votes, while Trump received 276 of the 290 required electoral votes to become president. Donald Trump’s path to victory was not easy, but all the pieces of the puzzle fell into the right place to push him into victory. He flipped a few key states to red such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and Michigan. Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote, but because she did not receive more electoral college votes, she lost the election.

   A few Walker Students were able to vote in this year’s election and were asked about their experience. Alex Hardie (12) said, “ It was an interesting first election for sure. We need to come together as Americans. Doing anything else just furthers the gap we are trying to bridge. I have noticed a lot of hate and almost no love between opposing parties. This isn’t what this country is about.” Meghan Dresdener said, “I voted at Lassiter High School after school on Tuesday with my mom. I had to bring my ID because I didn’t have a voter registration thing because my birthday was on Election Day! The old ladies who volunteered to run the election precinct thought that fact was super interesting. I filled out a quick form and there was literally no line. I voted for the president as well as several other government positions and local propositions. It was really cool. I felt so adult and I got a sticker.”