Has “Seniortis” Infected the Class of 2017?

The flu is not the only infection going around Walker’s senior class. As the class of 2017 is almost halfway through their eighth semester as high school students, the highly contagious condition of “senioritis” is setting the hearts and minds of many Walker seniors. Symptoms of “senioritis” include going to every spring sporting event possible to avoid having to think about the homework that needs to be done, “forgetting” your backpack, and frequently getting into “really bad traffic” on the way to school. The essence of senioritis can be summed up by Holland Martin. When asked to explain it she replied, “it would too much effort to explain it to you;” seniors are suffering from a severe lack of motivation and drive to uphold the standard they have set for themselves over the last four years. However, JT Reichenbach says that he has “felt it since halfway through freshman year.”

Celine Dang said, “sometimes I don’t even know for sure if I’m going to the right class that period until I walk in. I have one notebook where I keep all of my papers for every subject and I take all of my notes in this notebook. I don’t even know what day it is honestly.”On a more promising note, some students are working hard to stay engaged in their studies. Mara Davis said, “if I enjoy the class I don’t feel senioritis kicking in because I want to learn more about the subject, but there are some classes where it’s definitely kicked in” and Jordan Chang added “senioritis has not really kicked in for me yet because I’m not sure what college I will be going to so I want to keep my best options open by doing the best I can. I think once I know where I’m going next year senioritis will start to move in full gear.”