Walker’s Energetic New Spanish Teacher: Eva G. Bundy

This Walker Spanish teacher and cross country coach is one of the newest editions to the enthusiastic and energetic Walker staff. Mrs. Eva G. Bundy was born in Castilla, Spain, and previously taught Spanish at Sprayberry High School for 14 years. She wants to ensure that her son, Liam, who is in primary school at Walker, is exposed to as much Spanish culture as possible by bringing him along on their yearly trips to her hometown in Spain, and also by exposing him to many different styles of cooking at home. She also enjoys eating non-Spanish food such as Thai curry and sushi. She loves to travel as well, she said that her “favorite trip” was when she drove across the U.S. with her husband, “We started in Miami, then headed up to Chicago, Washington D.C. and then the west coast, all in a car. For three weeks.” On the weekend she enjoys going on runs and reading fiction novels, and even has a “Goodreads list.”


 When asked what her perfect Weekend was she said described her “perfect Saturday,” she said “I would read a book and drink a coffee for two hours in the morning. Then I would go for a run.” Mrs. Bundy is enjoying her first year at Walker and says “The faculty is a really tight group.” She also commends how “energetic” the students are, and she says that there are “genuine relationships” made here. Mrs. Bundy looks forward to continuing to teach Spanish and cultivating meaningful relationships with her students and fellow faculty.

By: Remy Nicolas