Tinsel, Tests, and Tension: Helpful Hints for this Stressful Exam Season

With the holidays fast approaching, students are gearing up for exam week, and now that study-time down to the wire, Walker upper schoolers feel the strain more than ever. Walker student, Ella Richardson (‘19) says, “The worst part of the entire school year is during exam week. It always stresses me out.” True, a little bit of stress can be a good thing when it motivates us to work harder and excel, but exams can make sometimes push students over the edge, which can stop us from performing our best. To truly shine, we must face the pressure head-on and overcome it. Using these helpful tricks and tips, you’ll ace your exams!

  1.   Get your full 8 hours.

Sleeping Santa

Sleep is essential to being your best when it comes to anything in life, especially exams. Sleeping rejuvenates your brain, and makes it easier to retain new information, recall old information quicker, and improve your mood.

2.   Exercise.

Physical activities release endorphin in your brain that help you to relax. Yoga, running, or any other kind of exercise that gets you up and moving will help you feel better and more relaxed this exam season.

3.   Fuel your brain.

Santa eating

Eating 3 meals a day and eating right will help keep your body running right. It’s important to feel your best in order to work your best, so keep your body fueled.

  1.   Breathe.

Simple as it sounds, taking a few deep breaths will help you relax and focus better. Breathing is easy stress relief, and will help you excel while studying and testing.

  1.    Don’t stress over what you can’t change.

There’s no use in worrying over what you wrote down for question 3(b) because there isn’t anything you can do about it now. Concerning yourself with tests you’ve already finished will only make you worry even more about your upcoming exams. Try to relax. You can only move forward.

6.    Take a break.


Everyone gets stressed and overwhelmed at times. There is nothing wrong with taking a quick step back from reviewing and spending times with loved ones, especially during the holiday season. Spending some time with friends and family may help lighten your mood and lower your strain.

Hopefully, you will utilize these tips in order to exceed even your own expectations this year during exams. Good luck, and happy holidays!