Hot Zone

By Rhodes Reddick

Ebola. Zika. Influenza. These three emerging and re-emerging diseases have caused a major uproar that affects not only the people on this planet but the surrounding environment as well. In the ‘Hot Zone,’ a short two-week course directed by faculty member Mrs.Emily Adams, students were able to explore the life-threatening diseases that have caused a whirlwind of terror around the world. Mackenzie Lang and Sophie Brondos, two of many students intrigued to explore the course, and both agreed that the most fascinating topic they analyzed had to be the recent Ebola outbreak. Brondos shared her future interest in these diseases by saying, “After taking this class, I definitely want to learn more about biology and infectious diseases. This is a very interesting topic, and one that is relevant to our world today.” Overall, students were able to examine just how much of an impact diseases have not only on people around the world but their communities as well.