Game of Life

By Kayla Lakine

In the Winterm Game of Life you learn how to handle money once you break off from your parent’s bank accounts. In this Winterm you deal with buying a house, insurance, and other necessary things that adults have to go through as an adult to be able to survive

In the beginning of the Winterm each person had just graduated college and has been blessed with a job that pays 50,000 dollars a year. We soon realized that 50,000 dollars may sound like a lot, but after you divide it into months and include taxes, car payments, and you pay for your apartment, we weren’t left with as much money as we thought. Once we found out how much money we had left over to spend on things like clothes and furniture, we made a list of how much money we expected to spend in the month of January. Some of us were just under budget and some of us were thousands of dollars over budget because of we bought a very expensive house or car.

One person gave their perspective on the Winterm,”I thought the Game of Life was difficult because she found it difficult to manage her money. It will give me a heads up once I get into that arena and I won’t just go into it blind.”