The accomplishments of Kobe Bryant

Former NBA star Kobe Bryant has died at the age of 41 in Calabasas, California. He was killed in a helicopter crash that killed nine total people, including his daughter Gianna Bryant. It is unclear why the helicopter went down, but we do know that they were going to Gianna’s basketball game. Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the greatest basketball players to ever play. He won five championships and a league MVP. He was also an eighteen-time All Star, but Kobe was known for more than basketball. Kobe was a great person, winning an Oscar for his film “Dear Basketball.” He was also a great father to his four children, and he coached AAU for them.

Kobe Bryant winning the finals in 2010
Image courtesy of Youtube user, Pistol Pete

Kobe Bryant was a dominate basketball player and has many infamous moments that will be remembered forever. His work ethic is seen as one of the best to even play the game of basketball. He scored eighty-one points in a single game, which is the second most ever scored in a game. He won five championships along with two finals MVPs. One of his most iconic moments was when he tore his Achilles but still managed to come back into the game to hit two free throws. The Los Angeles Lakers retired both eight and twenty-four because of everything that Kobe provided for them. Kobe’s Legacy will always be remembered. Countless teams took eight and twenty-four second violations to honor him. The Dallas Mavericks even retired the number twenty-four from their organization.

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan at the free-throw line
Image courtesy of Getty Images