Social distancing is fun!

Students across the country, including Walker’s student body, have switched to an online learning system for the foreseeable future in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Social gatherings are advised against, events are canceled, and many are staying at home except to get necessities from the store. Just because we can’t go to parties or prom, though, doesn’t mean we have to sit and stare at the wall all day. Here are some suggestions (other than TV) for how to keep yourself occupied and sane (and 6 feet away from others)!

1) Find a New Hobby

Learn to cook something new, try a craft, or take up a new instrument (if you want to annoy your family).

Past Walker students on the saxophone. (You could learn!)

2) Use Social Media to See Your Friends

You and others may not be able to interact face-to-face, but you can keep in touch with your friends by staying active on social media. Use FaceTime (or even Zoom) to get your daily dose of talking to someone outside of your family.

We love Zoom!

3) Stay Active

Don’t forget to move around and get outside if you can. Lots of places are offering 60 day free trials of at-home workouts that you can sign up for to keep you healthy and active.

There are no games, but you can still practice at home!