The WNN seniors’ plans after graduation

All eight of the seniors on the journalism team have put in many hours of work providing quality content on both the Walker News Network and The Wolverine to both educate and entertain the Walker community. Though our content, at times, has been met with complaints, we hope that we were able to keep you more than just informed.

Though this is quite an unexpected ending to the year, all of the seniors in the Multimedia Journalism class are still moving on from high school to various universities across the country. Here’s the list of our team’s graduates:

Will Bozeman: Auburn University Klaus Rowan: Hendrix College Louis Silverstein: University of Tennessee Anna Goeppner: University of South Carolina Kyle Keegan: Drake University Will Grosse: Auburn University Raina Washington: Louisiana State University Graham Ashby: University of Tennessee

Anna and Will B. hosting with Klaus, Will G, Nick, Zack and Graham in on the screen

Thank you for the support over the last two semesters. We know that the WNN and our precious recording studio is in good hands.
Will Grosse AKA “Grandma” out.

Fall 2019 WNN Staff