Senior’s Semester Switch

Senior Kayla Lakine explains the bonuses of switching to total distance learning while having to give up her last semester of high school. Kayla struggled with the school’s restrictions and believed being online was less stressful. “Doing full distance learning makes my senior year definitely easier and has made me more relaxed, but at the same time, I don’t get to experience the senior privileges,” said Lakine.  

She mentions how it is a little disappointing and unfair that she can’t participate in privileges such as leaving campus for lunch, but she has accepted it by now and gotten used to it. To keep herself busy while being home all day, Kayla searches for jobs and takes care of her dog while being on her phone to stay connected with her friends who are at school. Luckily, Kayla hasn’t experienced any technical problems while doing Zoom classes. Although, her father can be a distraction sometimes when he comes into her room to ask questions while she’s in a class. Kayla says the most significant struggle besides technology problems and house distractions with total distance learning is that she has to be more independent, organized, and have a schedule since you don’t have teachers who can remind you in person. Kayla looks forward to when she can return back to in-person learning to experience her last moments in the high school hallways.