Basketball vs. Covid

Image courtesy of Mike Mackey

Covid has affected the Walker Community in many ways, but our community has stood strong and adapted to the many obstacles thrown at us. Especially in Walker Athletics, where each team has had a strong season despite the Covid-19 restrictions. The boys’ varsity basketball team had a fantastic season, even though they have had many obstacles and setbacks in their season.

In an interview with DJ Dennis, he describes all about his season and how his experience was,

Q: How has COVID-19 affected the way you play your sport?

A – “It hasn’t affected me at all, although not having fans is something big to adapt to but as a team, it hasn’t affected us.”

Q: How has it affected the way you have been training?

A – “Because of COVID-19 we weren’t able to train over the summer, and it affected our team chemistry over all.”

Q: Compared to last year how has your season changed? (amount of games etc)

A – “We had about 4 games canceled due to COVID-19, but we had to make them up at the end of the season in a crunched time, which got us tried for our state playoff.

Q: Has your team had any setbacks due to COVID-19 restraints?

A- “Players on our team got COVID-19, which caused us to cancel multiple regions games, and we had to quarantine for two weeks.”

DJ told me that this was one of the teams the greatest setbacks this season, but they bounced back harder than before, and they are hopeful to play and go on to the state championship.

Q: How is your team ending the season? 

A – “Hopefully we are going to the state playoffs without having to quarantine again.”

Q: Did you enjoy your season, what would you change if you could change anything? 

A – “I enjoyed my season this year and if I could change anything it would be bringing fans to the game, so we can have an intense student section to support us and give us the energy to play the game and beat our opponents.”

This year, because of COVID-19, no students (that were not family) were allowed to go to the games. The students were sad they couldn’t go to support their team, but the basketball team was still able to push through. As DJ said, the lack of cheering fans in the stands has affected the team spirit during games, but the players remain optimistic and boost each other up for a strong game.

Image courtesy of Mike Mackey

The Varsity Basketball team has had a successful season so far. They are hopeful to go to the state tournament with their goal set to become the champion. The team has lived up to the Wolverine’s fighting spirit of perseverance.