How is the vaccination progressing and Covid-19 Update

Just last month, the U.S. officially adopted the Covid-19 vaccine and proceeded to start vaccination, with priority given to frontline medical personnel and the elderly and sick. 

Pfizer claims that their vaccine has a ninety-five percent effectiveness rate. Dr.Fauci said on Monday that both Pfizer’s and Moderna vaccines are proven to be scientifically effective, and that the proper way to administer a full dose of the vaccine is to administer a full dose 21 days later (if it was Pfizer before) and another full dose 28 days later (if it was Moderna before). (CNN,

Patrick Semansky/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

But according to CNN, more than 40,000 people in Florida are overdue for a second dose of the vaccine. (

And so far, variants of the virus have been found in some countries and regions, and there is a discussion about the effectiveness of vaccines against variants of the virus. There have also been news reports of adverse reactions in some people after vaccination, leading some people to be reluctant to get vaccinated and even to have a hostile attitude toward vaccines.