Music: Student’s Favorite Genres

Who doesn’t love music? No-one. Everyone enjoys listening to music, but we all have our preferences and our dislikes. Personally, I enjoy listening to Rock above all else, specifically classic rock followed by hard rock. But, I also enjoy a bit of metal and country music on the side. What I have found is that many students do not have the same taste in music as I. “If they do not enjoy the same as I, then what do they like?”, I asked myself. In order to find out the other favorite genres of music by my fellow students, I inquired many. Which ended up leading to some interesting results.

In asking around to a total of 107:

47 answered with Rap or Hip Hop

23 answered with Everything

17 answered with Rock

7 answered with EDM

3 answered with Grunge

3 answered with Jazz

3 answered with Country

2 answered with Classical

2 answered with Lofi

Graph made by me

Apparently, my favorite genre was not shared with others as much as I thought it would be. Almost 50% of the answers were Rap or R&B, with Rock having less than half of that. Yet Rock wasn’t even the second-highest genre. Many students responded with “everything” I assume this means that they don’t particularly favor any genre and just listen across the board. A couple of others responded with alternate genres such as EDM or Lofi, but not many.

I believe that Rock and Metal music are the best genres of music there are. Other students enjoy other genres over my favorites. But, in the end, music is what unites us all.