Breakfast: Most Important Meal?

By: Austin Westbrook

Everyone always talks about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but to what extent is that true. After all, it has the greatest potential to be the most unhealthy meal. While you could have eggs or fruits, common breakfast foods also contain sugar-filled cereals, pancakes, and greasy bacon. However, there is a good side to both of these breakfast choices. 

While you should refrain from consuming unhealthy foods on a regular basis, sometimes, a sweet reward in the morning could provide a great boost in mood that lasts throughout the day. Even with less exciting and sugary foods, a healthy breakfast can increase your energy, leading to a happier and more productive day. 

Some who are trying to lose weight might skip breakfast with the rationale that skipping an entire meal will lead to weight loss, but that is not the case, at least in the long run. When you wake up, your body has already gone nearly eight hours without nourishment, and skipping breakfast can extend that to nearly twelve hours. This will cause your body to hold onto the fat and waste in your body in an attempt to slow starvation. Also, you will experience a decrease in energy, which will make you feel lazy and less likely to engage in physical activity. Both of these attributes together will make weight loss tougher. Instead, eat a small, healthy breakfast to maintain a good energy level while also boosting your metabolism.

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Breakfast: Most Important Meal?

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