Walker Soccer Takes Jekyll Island

    With packed bags and determined attitudes, the boys and girls varsity soccer teams embarked on the six hour bus ride down to Jekyll Island, Georgia for a three day trip and tournament. The trip began with high energy, as both teams ran to the Damar parking lot after school in an attempt to be the first team to their seats to claim the back portion of the bus. “My favorite thing about Jekyll was stealing the back of the bus from the boys” said senior and captain Elizabeth Oullette. The teams played two games each, and time between matches was filled with practices, beach scrimmages, and plenty of team bonding. “I really liked the bus rides there and back, and spending time on the beach” said junior Ryan Louis.
    Before each game, the girls piled into the seniors’ hotel room  and began the tradition of  each player having her hair braided. Junior Jesse Baynes said, “The best part for me was the team bonding and getting our hair braided as a team.” Both soccer teams left Jekyll reigning undefeated, the boys tying with Colquitt County 1-1 and Lee County 0-0 and the girls winning against Colquitt County 6-1 and Lee County 2-1. “Seeing Coach Rubens’ reaction to us winning our games was so great” said sophomore Grace Mulroy. The ride back home was one of victory, as the boys took control of the back of the bus and the girls took part in High School Musical duet competitions. Captain and senior Lauren Brock said, “Scream-singing on the bus was the best bonding.”
Article by Grace Jarbeau
Photo Credit to Mr. Mackey