Adventures in Visual Arts

    On First Friday, eleven lucky Juniors were chosen to embark on the visual arts tour with Mr. Petersen and Dr. Hite. The students began their day by visiting the TULA Art Center where they met with artists Alexi Torres and Marie de George, and saw the Museum of Contemporary Art  (MOCA) and Atlanta Photography Group galleries. The group enjoyed lunch at the well-known Antico Pizza in downtown Atlanta, and indulged in gelato at the neighboring building. The students wrapped up their trip by touring the shoe exhibit at the High Museum, and saw an array of vintage and modern day brands from Converse to Air Jordans.

When asked why these locations were chosen for the tour, art teacher Bob Petersen said, “TULA art center houses artist studios, art galleries and MOCA, GA (Museum of Modern Art, Georgia). I have friends that have their studios at TULA that are always willing to meet and talk with the students. MOCA, GA has exhibits of contemporary artists from or living in Georgia.  The High Museum is one of the premier art museums in the southeast. They have exhibits of art and artists from around the world.” Junior Amy Stanton said her highlight of the tour was “probably meeting with Marie de George. She talked about thinking of a design (for a dress) and putting it on paper, and then seeing it come to life was pretty cool” while her fellow classmate Lauren Martin said her favorite part was, “going to see Alexi Torres gallery. I am a huge fan of his work and the meaning behind the world plus his technique is phenomenal.”