Walker’s 2016 Musical

     The Musical is a major Walker event that is planned and worked on for months. A lot of hard work goes into every musical from the actors, actresses, crew, and especially the director, Katie Arjona. The announcement of the musical is always a highly anticipated event. Usually a well known musical is announced and students get to see Arjona’s interpretation of a well known classic like “Grease”, The “Addams Family”, or “The Wedding Singer”. This year however, the musical Arjona chose is one few have heard of. “Bells are Ringing” is a musical that takes places in 1950’s New York City. It is a romantic comedy centering on the relationship between Ella Peterson, a charismatic telephone operator, and Jeff Moss, an alcoholic play writer. Ella works for her cousin Sue’s telephone answering service. Ella makes her job bearable by connecting with her clients and pretending to be different people depending on who she’s talking to. For example, when she’s talking to a woman from a French restaurant she pretends to be snooty, and when she speaks to Jeff Moss she is motherly and sympathetic. It’s all fun and games until she falls in love with one of her clients, Jeff Moss. Unfortunately, through many twists in turns this gets her in trouble with the law. The play is full of plot twists, funny characters, and of course music. “Bells are Ringing” has no shortage of parts. Some of the characters include, Ella Patterson and Jeff Moss, the leads, Sue, Ella’s stuck-up cousin, J Sander Prantz, Sue’s love interest who owns a sketchy record, company, Gwynne Smith, Ella’s coworker, Inspector Barnes, an anxious detective who is suspicious of Sue’s company, his partner, Frances, and many more. “Bells are Ringing” is a great musical for people who have never tried acting to participate. There are 20 dancing parts, speaking parts, singing parts, and countless jobs behind the scenes. The star of the musical is Meghan Dresdner who is playing the lead, Ella Patterson. Dresdner is very excited about the role and has been in many Walker productions including “Grease”, “The Wedding Singer”, “The Adam’s Family” and “The Importance of Being Earnest”. This is Dresdner’s last year at Walker, and although “There are a billion things going on Senior year”, Dresdner said, “I will always make theater my priority”. Dresdner is very excited to play Ella Patterson a character who she said, “is both so lighthearted, but then also full of so much conviction. She is the kind of person who knows how to get things done, but finishes each task with humility, and she never looks for credit or praise once the task is completed”. Dresdner works hard preparing for every production and receives voice lessons, goes to workshops, and takes classes to improve her skills outside of school. Katie Arjona is also excited for the musical. Arjona is excited for this musical for many reasons. She said, “For the past 3 years we have done a contemporary titled musical. I wanted to expose the students to a tradition musical comedy that would have a different style of music and dance.  I chose Bells Are Ringing because it is 100% fun.  The story is nothing but happiness and laughs. It also has over 35 characters in it which will allow the ensemble members to have a moment to shine on stage.  They will all have speaking parts and many will have solos in the songs as well. Each ensemble member plays about 4 to 6 different parts. This will give everyone an opportunity to push their acting by creating 4 to 6 unique characters.  It will be a big challenge for them.” With the auditions over and parts chosen, the Walker musical is well on its way to being ready. Students will be able to see the play starring Meghan Dresdner as Ella Patterson and Greg Lloyd as Jeff Moss in a couple of months and there is no doubt it will live up to the Walker musical standard we have all come to expect.






Inspector Barnes: ABHI MUTHIAH





Dr. Kitchell: CARTER EZELL

Larry Hastings: WILL MORRIS



Night Club Singer (Midas Touch): BRIANA KEEGAN


Hannah Manning

Jesse Baynes

Emmalissa Perkerson

Zoey Brown

Audrey Kaye

Katrina Horowitz

Chandler Hanke

Madelyn Charles

Riley Cohen

Riya Vashi

Eileen Connell

Keily Gilbert

Carlyn Blauvelt

Madison Dietz

Robbie Hedden