Wolverine Attack is Back!

We all love watching football during Friday Night Lights, but one very important part of the night is Walker’s own Wolverine Attack. Located on the left side of the bleachers is the amazing group of musicians who play for us every home game. The Attack plays an array of songs including recurring ones such as “The Fight Song “ and “Uptown Funk”, and have added new songs this year including “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift, “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, and “Lips are Movin” by Meghan Trainor.

   When asked how these songs are selected each year, US Band Teacher and Attack Leader Todd Motter, said “I usually peruse the latest offerings by our music supplier. Then I compare that to songs that I think the kids would like including current pop songs on the radio. Then I get input from the student leadership team. Of course, some of the old ‘tried-and-true’ songs are ones that I suggest. I’ll even arrange our own music if there is a song they want to do but is not available. The students are a big part of the selection process. This year, the cheerleaders also made some suggestions.”

wolverine 3

   Speaking of cheerleaders, they can often be spotted dancing along to the songs played by the Attack. Motter said on the topic of coordinating with the cheerleaders that, “Once we select the songs for the season, I burn a CD for the cheerleaders of our arrangements so they know what to prepare. During the game itself, the Drum Major and the Cheer Captain communicate regularly to determine who will perform after the next down or quarter break. Sometimes it is a combined performance as well!” Drum Major, junior Riley Cohen, said that her favorite part about being a part of the group is that “It’s fun. Lots of responsibility with making sure I don’t play at the wrong times.”

   The Attack begins practice at band camp over the summer, and they rehearse one or two times during the school week. To conclude Motter said, “ I think the students really enjoy it, as do I. There is some comfort in being part of a group/team versus a solo act in that there is someone else out there that you can count on and react to and share the moment. There are few things that are more thrilling than a crowd cheering for ‘YOU’! The pre-performance adrenaline! The high of performing well and the excitement of the applause. I honestly wish everyone could experience that at least once in their life. And we get to do it every home game! This year, we are also planning on traveling to Mount Paran.”

wolverine attack 2

   Catch the Wolverine Attack every home game during the football season.