The Challenge Continues


The SSO just had its second annual ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on August 26. The challenge was created by senior Greg Lloyd just last year and over 40 people participated. Lloyd said he is hopeful to raise even more money than last year’s $1300 dollars and for the challenge to continue even after he graduates. Lloyd said the death of a family friend from ALS is the primary reason he does the challenge every year. Lloyd said “a family friend had ALS and died from it a few years ago so that made an impact on me.”

Walker expects to continue the challenge every year to help people with ALS by both giving donations and spreading awareness. Junior Candler Boland, a student at Walker whose father has ALS does everything he can to to spread the word about the condition. Boland said “The challenge is really helpful for the ALS foundation” and that “donations are very important towards helping people with ALS and this challenge is a great way to do so”. This year the challenge raised $562 dollars and had 50 participants.