Bump, Bump, Bump It Up!

MAC_2055-LAs the Walker Girls’ Volleyball team bump their way to the top, so does their record. On Monday August 22, the team loaded the vans and traveled 6 miles north. Here, they faced Walker’s rival, Mt. Paran. Despite Mt. Paran’s rowdy fans, Walker’s volleyball team stayed focused. This match was best out of 5, and even though Walker won the first set, they fell short the second set. But, like all walker students, the girls powered through and finished strong- winning two more sets to end the game. Holland Martin, co-captain of the team, said, “it was really exciting to beat Mt. Paran because they are one of our biggest rivals”. However, this is only the beginning of a great season because “we have a lot of good talent to grow on” (Jordan, 12).