Varsity Volleyball Season Recap

It’s a great season for the Walker Varsity Volleyball team! Out of the 32 games played so far, the girls have won an astounding 27 of them, making them a definite qualifier for state.

The team is made up of of returning seniors Holland Martin and Jordan Tasman, juniors Alex Rodriguez, Elizabeth Olsen, Sydney Harkins, and Sophia Delguadio, and sophomores Peyton Ware and Hana Douget. The team also welcomed a few new players this year including sophomore Kayla Bloom, and freshmen Brittany Brownlee, Callaway Cason, Ashley Darling, Jessica Moore, Kira Pardue, and Kaitlyn Rodriguez.


When asked how the team came to have so much success, junior Elizabeth Olsen said “I feel like we all have the same goal in mind. All of us on the court love playing volleyball, so being with each other doing something we love is really motivating.”

Freshman Jessica Moore said that being new on the team is “a little intimidating, but it’s great because I get to meet lots of new people and make lots of friends. It’s also great because I get better and better as the season goes on because I’m playing with people better than me.”

She also said that one of her favorite memories so far was “winning our bracket at a tournament a while ago. It was so much fun because it was one of our first ones, and then we had a bonding sleepover after.”

Come support the team at their state tournaments on October 13th, 18th, 22nd, 26th, and 29th!