Model UN Students go to GSU

Thirty-six Walker students led by Ms.Brimer, Dr.Schafer, Ms.Pierce, and Ms.Martello went to a Model UN Conference held at Georgia State University on Tuesday, October 24th and 25th. Model UN is a club at walker where students are assigned to represent a country for a certain delegation at a Model UN conference. There are many other students from other schools that participate in this event. This year the GSMUN was the biggest Model UN conference in the South East with about 850 students participating.

Before the conference, students are given three topics to write a one-page position paper on. The topic assignments are based on which delegation the student is placed in. Walker Students met every Wednesday during lunch since early September to prepare for this competition. At the conference, students divide up by delegations and work together to come up with resolution papers that are then voted on. There were four countries this year, compared to the three last year, due to the large amount of students that applied to be on the Model UN team. The countries Walker represented were Libya, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland.

At the conference, two of Walker’s delegations won awards for most outstanding position paper in their delegation. Nathan West and Anna Sun were in one delegation and Ffion Button and Jordan Gomez were in the other.

The Model UN conference was a great success for the students that participated. Conferences, like the one at GSU, help build student’s confidence, allow them to learn more about the world and its issues, and help them learn how to work in a group. Some Model UN members are going to participate in the Model Arab League Conference and a Model UN conference in New York later this year.