ADL Assembly

On Thursday, November 9th, several high school students led an anti-bullying assembly with the help of the ADL. The assembly was about how negative name calling can really hurt. Four brave student panelists shared their stories with bullying and name-calling. After they shared, there was an open mic segment where any student was welcomed to go down to the stage and share their story. So many courageous students came down to the mic and it is likely that more would have told their stories if there was more time. Next, students broke into small groups, with about 15 students each, led by student facilitators. There, students discussed the assembly, shared their stories, talked about how to be an ally, and came up with ideas on how to make Walker a safer, more respectful place. I was one of the student facilitators who led these discussions. We had two two-hour-long training sessions where we were educated on identity, the players in bullying, how to deal with bullying, how to be a facilitator, and how to lead the assembly. The assembly was a great success as it was very eye-opening to see how common students get picked on and how much students are affected by these actions.