The Walker Middle School Sets Sail

BoatThe week after Labor Day weekend, a group of 19 Walker School students, sixth through eighth grade, ventured outside the classroom. These select students were able to participate in a four-day-long crash course in sailing. The students, accompanied by Walker faculty Brian and Ingrid Surkan, camped out at the Atlanta Yacht Club where they were introduced to the sport. The group arrived via bus on Tuesday before setting up their tents and going through orientation. Long time Atlanta Yacht Club member, Orren Williams, volunteered his time to instruct the new sailors over the course of three days. Students were introduced to various types of boats, and finally, they hit the water. Off the boat, “we played some games, went swimming daily, took turns cooking, and camped,” said Brian Surkan. “[The students] even planned and did the shopping for their own meals.” And after lots of coaching and many failed attempts, the students were able to successfully sail! On their final day at the Club, the students all participated in a regatta, a sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races. It’s safe to say the students had a blast!