Myles Garrett’s situation and what happens next

NFL 2017 first overall pick, Myles Garrett, swings helmet at Steelers quarterback, Mason Rudolph.
Courtesy of CBS Sports

During the NFL week eleven matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers, a physical confrontation broke out between Steelers QB, Mason Rudolph, and Browns defensive end, Myles Garrett. After Garrett tackled Rudolph to the ground, a shoving match began, resulting in the 6’4″, 270+ lineman taking off Rudolph’s helmet and striking him in the head with it. A wave of controversy, backlash, and fines ensued, with angry fans calling for the permanent suspension of Garrett from the league.

Courtesy of Twitter account, @RealJakeBlum

According to NFL’s Michael Signora, Garrett’s punishment has already been announced as a minimum suspension from the rest of the regular and postseason without pay. Based off the NFL’s approach on different fines, Garrett could be charged at least $35,096 for fighting/unnecessary roughness, $14,037 for unsportsmanlike conduct, $28,075 for “Impermissible Use of the Helmet” and additionally for unnecessary roughness. Both teams have been fined 250k, and other players involved in the fight, such as Garret’s teammate Larry Ogunjobi and opponent Maurkice Pouncey, are receiving suspensions and fines as well. According to Fox News, the NFL has also fined Rudolph but has not suspended him.

Others players have reacted to the fight, with Baker Mayfield telling reporter Erin Andrews, “It’s inexcusable.”
Courtesy of NFL

Many believe that video evidence shows Rudolph starting the altercation, and they are demanding that Rudolph face stricter consequences. In a provided statement, Garrett accused Rudolph of directing a racial slur at him, to which Rudolph and his team denied the allegations (CNN). Focusing on Rudolph, the former backup will not press legal charges on Garrett. Rudolph’s agent, Tim Younger, wants him to do the opposite, saying “Tonight could have had a catastrophic ending. The matter will be reviewed thoroughly.” Regardless, law enforcement will not start an investigation without the request from Rudolph (ESPN).

Garrett appealed the punishment on November 20th during the NFL hearing, where the league decided to upheld the indefinite suspension. According to a MSN Sports‘ interview, Garrett’s team believes he deserved at most a six game suspension. You be the judge and see what he deserves from watching the video linked here: