‘Tis the season

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around The Walker School. We enjoy the season by preparing for gruesome exams that test us on materials from August. However, instead of dreading exams, maybe being proactive is the key to success this year. Studies have shown the earlier you start studying, the more confident you are walking into the exam, and it relieves stress. One of my favorite holiday activities (that also tricks me into studying) is taking a trip to Starbucks, getting a table to study at, and (while studying) trying one of their seasonal holiday drinks.

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Starbucks holiday drinks

However, don’t forget to enjoy the holiday season since it only comes once a year. This time can be stressful, but it is also what you make it. Enjoy your weekend with friends and family doing fun winter activities or just spending time with each other. Exams will come and go, but the relationships you build are forever. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

US annual Holiday assembly