Patrick Mahomes II makes history

As a teen, Patrick Mahomes dreamed to one day win the Super Bowl and after say the magic words, “I’m going to Disney World.” On February 2, 2020, Mahomes dream came true by beating the San Francisco 49ers.

Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs started off with a 7-3 lead at the end of the first quarter, but the 49ers tied it up at the end of the first half: the score being 10-10. The 49ers went on a 10 point run, and, with around 10 minutes left, the Chiefs were down 20-10.

Kansas City Chiefs were notorious this season for 4th quarter comebacks. Patrick Mahomes lead the chiefs offense down the field to score three touchdowns. This super bowl win was a long time waiting for for the coach Andy Reid, racking up 20 years coaching in the NFL.

Andy Reid hugging Patrick Mahomes.