The Kansas City Chiefs: a local’s perspective

The 1969 Superbowl Champions are seeking another ring. After blowing the Texans out of the water 51-31 and taking the AFC Championship from the Titans 35-24, one question remains: can they beat the 13-3 49ers? On week one, San Francisco was ranked #1 while KC was ranked #2. Now a whole season has passed and the question of who is better is still highly debated.

I lived in Kansas City for four years and have watched the team grow into who they are today. In 2012 , under quarterback Matt Cassel, Kansas City went 2-12 and were considered the worst team in the NFL statistically and were tied with Jacksonville for the worst record. Moving to another city with a terrible NFL team was disappointing, but I moved on. From 2013-2017 they rebuilt their team, had a few wild card appearances and two divisional games in which they lost both. In 2014, I learned just how insane the the fan base was when news broke that Arrowhead Stadium was now the loudest stadium ever. Then everything changed in the 2017 draft. With the 10th pick, the Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes. After Alex Smith left the team, Mahomes took the top spot. From there the Chiefs found great success. They made it to the 2018 AFC Championship but lost to the Patriots.

Now it is the Chiefs turn to take the Superbowl. The Chief’s top notch offense against the 49ers deadly defense. Will the Chiefs prevail or will the fall short to San Francisco? Find out this Sunday.