Student Spotlight: Will “Grandma” Grosse

Senior Will Grosse, fondly known to his classmates and many teachers as “Grandma,” is well known for his skills on the basketball court and the chess grid.

Will is coming off an electric final season in his recreation basketball league, during which he averaged 7 points a game and about 2 and a half blocks per game due to his towering 6’2 figure. Reflecting on the season, Will said “We were dominant. We went 2-8. We got eliminated in the first round of playoffs.”

Images of Will’s impressive play are unfortunately not available. When asked about the lack of pictures, he said it is “because when the cameras come around [he] gets a little nervous.”

When he’s not busy breaking the ankles of his rec-league opponents, you can find Grandma serving as Vice President of Walker’s chess club. He finds it “really fun” and doesn’t take himself too seriously. When I asked if he was good, he told me “No, not in any way.”

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.
Will being a scholar. (2/6/2020)